Premium Marine Coatings & Finishes

Quality & control

Mapaero commitment:

  • 1. Compliance with customer requirements.
  • 2. Compliance with current standards.
  • 3. ISO EN 9100 certification.
  • 4. ISO 9001 certification.
  • 5. ISO 14001 certification.
  • 6. All batches fully inspected.
  • 7. A dedicated department carrying out technical, chemical and color inspections on our paints.


Compliance with customer requirements through conformity certification for all of our products.


Certification of products in accordance with customer specifications. Guaranteed compliance with specifications for each of our products.

Quality at the service of the customer.

Mapaero applies a recognized quality system that is EN 9100 certified.

Continuous improvement and compliance with customer requirements are key concerns for us.

Integrated within various enhancement projects, we perfect our systems and facilities each day to provide the best possible solution to our partners' concerns.

Always at your service, Mapaero undertakes to provide you with a product that complies with your expectations within the agreed times.

Full inspections

A dedicated department is responsible for inspecting our products. The physical and chemical characteristics are inspected to certify the technical properties of our paints and provide our customers with the guarantee that the delivered product is identical in all respects to the product initially certified.

The color is also checked in order to guarantee the visual impact of your surfaces.

An inspection report is issued for each batch as a guarantee of Mapaero quality.