Premium Marine Coatings & Finishes

Health & Environment


The health of its customers and their operators that use its products is a prime concern for Mapaero. Over and above the initiatives carried out by our Health & Safety team, two key priorities motivate our entire personnel: 

The reduction of solvents contained in paint, in order to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Over a period of ten years, the proportion of paints with minimal solvent content (high-solids, aqueous and water-soluble) has risen from 10% to 80%.

Replacement of hazardous substances (REACH, exposure limits, occupational exposure limits, etc.): AEG, DBP, chromate, molybdates, toluene, etc.


Mapaero is devoted to sustainability and environmental protection worldwide. Providing our clients excellent coatings, but at the same time environmentally friendly products.

Investments in research, development and in our production facilities, allows optimisation in all phases carefully taking advantage of all resources available.

Mapaero ensures optimal control over its energy consumption, by making use of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal heating system.

As part of our ISO 14001 certification, multiple initiatives are conducted each year to reduce our environmental impact: waste recycling, VOC reduction and of course, the development of more environmentally friendly paints.

Our high performance paint systems allow reductions throughout the application process, reducing film thicknesses, number of layers, drying times, obtaining simplicity in steps, less product  consumption,  weight and time optimisation, thus providing our clients cost and time savings.