Premium Marine Coatings & Finishes


NEMO COATINGS paints for interiors combine technical performance with aesthetics, simplicity of use and economical advantages.

Our topcoats provide solutions for a wide range of projects, allowing total customisation of the interior, allowing the most creative designs, offering weight savings and maintenance cost reductions, especially on complex surfaces.

NEMO COATINGS, interior paints systems also provide highly elaborate finishes in terms of special effects, textures and gloss variants and make it possible to maintain colorimetric accuracy across the entire interior.

The paint systems are designed especially for interior surfaces and meet with the most stringent of requirements such as fire resistant characteristics, cleanability, durability and resistance to chemicals.

NEMO COATINGS specialize for interiors offers three systems: Master system, FR Special and the Green Line in order to cover all the marine industry needs and requirements.  

Master System FR Specials Green line